Bangor, Maine parking information


Where can I park in the Winter?

If you have a monthly pass for The Garage, you have 24/7 access. For other information on City of Bangor winter parking regulations and parking options during winter parking bans visit:

Can I choose my lot?

Let us know which lot you’d like, and we’ll issue you a permit if there’s room — or put you on a waiting list if there’s not. Pick up your permit each month by the 22nd, or it may go to the next person on the list!

You can also save pick-up time

by purchasing six months of permits in December and June.

You can save money!

Purchase five-hour and all-day coupons at The Garage.

Business owners, ask us…

How to be good to your employees.

Call The Garage for information about group discounts and availability.

How to be good to your customers.

Call us for information about validated parking — or give out tokens, good for another visit.

Why is there a time limit for on-the-street parking in Downtown Bangor?

The FREE parking limit makes it more likely you’ll be able to find a space when you need one — the limit simply gives more people a chance to use these prime parking spaces.

But what if I need more than an hour?

Try out one of the parking lots located conveniently throughout the City — or park in The Garage. The first two hours are free, or you can stay as long as you like for just $6.00 maximum per day!

Remember…you can always find a space in The Garage!